Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Taking The Dare!

On New Years Day I started thinking about The Love Dare. I read a little bit about it online, and had pretty much decided I was going to get the book and give it a try..but I was still hestitant because its written for MARRIED couples. If youre not familiar with it, it is a 40 Day Journey that you do WITHOUT your spouse/partner knowing that you are doing it. Each day there is a new "Secret Agent" Assignment or Mission as my girls like to call it...and each is designed to build an even stronger, God-based relationship. Think that kinda sums it up :)

After lots of thinkin and girl-talk w/BFF Jen, I made the committment. And even though it is written to help marriages (and we're not married YET), I KNOW Chris & I WILL be married, so why not start now?! Nothing like a super strong foundation right? And seriously-we've been together almost every single day since our 1st date almost 2 years ago :)

I prepped myself on Sunday..with a start date of Monday Jan 12. I read ahead a few days, tryin to get an idea of what to expect and see if it really could/will benefit us even as a "dating" couple....and the excitment started to grow :) So...true to form, wouldnt you know... the devil TRIED to steer me off course! Chris & I went to Starbucks immediatly after I read my book--me all full of optimsm and giddy...looking forward to starting the Dare the next day. I decided to stay in the car as he ran in..no big deal. When he came back, he was smiling & happy-- he had ran into an ex-GF's parents inside. It was the 1st time he had seen them in YEARS. Again..no big deal RIGGGHHHTTT?? So WHY did I suddenly become the Insecure, jealous, ugly-actin GF?? I neverrrrr get like that with Chris! He has never given me ANY reason what-so-ever to feel jealous, so why now? Then it became clear..that dang ol' devil! He was workin OT that day....I found out later that he even tried to prevent Jen from starting her Dare too--but we are Women of Christ: WE WILL NOT BE MOVED!!

A wonderful new friend of mine is currently doing the Love Dare too (shes on Day 11 I think) and she is blogging her journey. I AM SO THANKFUL for her honesty and for giving me the inspiration to be honest and open too. I am following her lead, and blessed by her each time I read her entries. And I can't foregt to mention: She describes us as "Secret Agent Wives!" I LOVE THAT! It sounds sooo exciting and mysterious!
One of my Biggest Challenges while I blog my journey is simple-to be here, be open, honest, put myself "out there" and allow myself to be vulnerable.It puts me WAAAAY out of my comfort zone, but the time is right, and it NEEDS to be done, so that I can become the woman that God made me to be!

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Anonymous said...

OMG I've been contemplating getting that book. PLEASE let me know how you like it.
Kevin and I could use that help