Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ok..sorry girlz...this is totally off-topic from my Love Dare Assignments, but I HAFTA share my Product Review!

As some of you probably already know, I'm a Info-Mercial junkie!! I loooove watching and WANTING to buy gadgets and gizmos that are on the Infomercials! Seriously-how could I not?! WHERE oh wherrrrrre would I be without my Awesome George Foreman Grill (which cooked so many BFL meals over the years!) and my handy dandy, amazing Magic Bullet Blender? Honestly- I use those products almsot every single day!!

So....My newest InfoMercial love is the InStyler: "The Amazing Rotating Hot Iron that straightens, curls & styles faster than you ever dreamed possible!"

I received the InStlyer from my Mom as a Christmas Gift. I guess she seen the commercial, and KNOWS how I fight & fight with my super curly, thick hair to get it smooth & straight and thought "She's gunna loove this!" She was RIGHT!!

Since the product was on just arrived a few days ago. Today was the 1st time I used it-OMGoshhhhh. I. Have. Straight. Shiny, Hair!!!! only took me less than 20 minutes! I have NEVERRRRR found ANYTHING that could do this-so Im all giddy about it :)

Didnt have time (was runnin late for work) to try out how it curls/flips/adds volume but it worked a miracle on my dry, washed-yesterday, frizzy-nappy mane!

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jen said...

hmmmmm...I may hafta check into this "instyler"...try the curls and lemme see 'em...then I'll decide. :)